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Surf Casting Cape Cod, MA

Surf Casting Cape Cod, MA

3-Hour Master the Art of Surf Casting with Expert Lessons!

Fishing Area: Cape Cod, MA

Fishing - Shore



Max 1 guest (base trip price includes 1 guest)

Target Fish:

Striped Bass


Level up your surf casting skills with renowned angler Ron Arra! Join his expert lessons and unlock the secrets to improve your distance and accuracy when casting from the shore. With personalized guidance and valuable insights, you'll enhance your technique and boost your chances of landing that perfect catch. Please note that catches are not guaranteed during lessons, but the knowledge and skills you'll gain are priceless. Lessons accommodate up to 3 guests, and start times and locations are adjusted to the tides for optimal fishing conditions. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Ron!

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Top Tips

  • All Rods supplied, But You May Bring Your Own For Your Lessons
  • Individual Private Distance Casting Lessons
  • You must still purchase a MA Fishing License for these Lessons

Common Questions

Why book a fishing charter?

Booking a fishing charter guarantees an expert-guided and hassle-free angling adventure. With Ron Arra Surf Fishing, you not only access the vast knowledge and experience of a renowned fishing expert but also ensure an unforgettable day on the water, where you can learn the art of surf casting and catch the fish of your dreams in Cape Cod's pristine waters.

What fish are local to Cape Cod?

Cape Cod is home to a wide variety of fish, including striped bass, bluefish, flounder, and tautog, making it a diverse angler's paradise. When you embark on a fishing adventure with Ron Arra Surf Fishing, you have the opportunity to target and reel in these local species under the guidance of an experienced angler, ensuring an exciting and successful day on the water.

What month is best for fishing in Cape Cod?

The best month for fishing in Cape Cod typically varies with the target species, but prime fishing seasons often align with the warmer months of late spring through early autumn. When you book a fishing excursion with Ron Arra Surf Fishing, you'll receive expert guidance on the optimal times and conditions for catching your preferred fish, ensuring a successful angling experience in Cape Cod's bountiful waters.