Ron Arra is a 5-time United States Distance Surf Casting champion, professional casting instructor, 

best selling author and world renowned angler.  Ron Arra is also a fishing tackle design consultant 

and pro staff member for numerous top world renowned fishing tackle manufacturers, including Lamiglas.  

Ron Arra is a resident of Cape Cod and has been surf fishing for Striped Bass and other species for 50+ years.

He is the author of the best-selling book The Ultimate Guide to Surfcasting, as well as being featured 

in the acclaimed instructional video entitled: Surf Fishing & Distance Casting.   Ron's casting techniques have also been featured in countless national and world wide magazine articles and television programs.

In 1985, Ron broke the U.S. surf casting distance record with the first American cast over 700 feet, 

as well as being the first man to ever cast across the Cape Cod Canal with an effort of nearly 800 feet.   

For this feat, he was awarded a silver bowl by Sports Illustrated magazine.  The former DuPont Stren 

National Surf Casting championship trophy featured Ron's image engraved on it.  And in 1997, Ron's 

design for the Lamiglas Surf Pro Ron Arra Signature Series rods was awarded Best of Show at the 

American Sportfishing Association trade show.


Ron played professional baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization.

Ron is a regular speaker on the subject of surf fishing and his surf casting techniques. 

Being interviewed before the awards ceremony after winning his 4th National Championship
Ron's favorite fishing holes include the Cape Cod Canal and productive beaches in various Cape towns. Striped Bass can be caught off the rocks or in the surf. Seasonally, there are other species in those waters, such as Bluefish, Bonito, Cod, Haddock, Pollock, Scup, Tautog, Black Sea Bass, along with smaller species, such as Herring, Anchovy, Shad, Bunker and Squid. However, Striped Bass rank as the leading coastal salt water fishing target in MA and along the Northeast coast. That is why surf fishing, and more specifically, surf casting is of so much importance. Increased casting distance can help you reach more Stripers sitting in just the right spot. Though sometimes, they are positioned just feet away.

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